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" Waterbearer from the ocean state..."

I was born on January 22nd, 1992 at 1: 54 pm in Providence, RI. Aloof and nerdy my childhood was a lot like my adulthood, driven by curiosity and unconcerned with the expectations of society. Public and private schools did their fair share of nothing and right before the 12th grade I dropped out of high school.


I’ve gone from cashier to investment banker to uber driver to deli clerk. My travels have taught me we are all connected yet we do not know. We are love, naturally , yet we lean towards our unnatural tendencies.


Music has never left me. Words have never left me . These songs I leave for you have always been here and have always been your’s.  I only wish to connect, raise vibrations, and repeat . though to be exact I am without desire.


The Waterbearer